• This makeshift car pusher helped out many mired vehicles in the soggy parking conditions at the 2017 Farm Science Review.
  • Marestail. Photo by OSU Extension.
  • Soil sample
  • Adam Fennig with Fennig Equipment and Salford discusses tillage tools and cover crops for a video.
Joel for web


Sun: A farmer’s friend…and enemy

Here in the office of Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net, it is painfully clear that I’m the youngest employee around. From the jokes about millennials to the life stories I have yet to relate to, let’s… Read More

Ty Higgins(3)


Oh, to be that farmer

Recently, I was riding along with a young farmer in his old pickup truck. The one he fixed up as a project in college, but didn’t have the heart or the funds to let it go. The only difference between now and when… Read More

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